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The Most Popular Product of Indonesia Furniture Industry
Tanggal Posting : Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017
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There are a lot of charms behind Indonesia furniture Industry. The strong characteristic of design, details, and the strength of materials are some factors that lead it to have a good reputation worldwide. Jepara is one of the best furniture industry regions in Indonesia that has been famous of its teak furnishing and craft. The furniture products of Jepara are imported by a lot of countries from over the world. They are famous of the quality, durability, and of course charms. It is not the only one sample of furniture industry region in Indonesia. Blora, Surakarta, and several regions are also considered as the biggest furniture and furniture material industry regions. Bali is also famous for its antique furniture. There are a lot of “paradises” for furniture collector when exploring Indonesia.

Jepara furniture manufacturer

The special characteristic of Indonesia furniture is the material. Indonesia teak furniture is widely desired because of its beauty. The touches of artistic and very smooth details are also the factors why it has a high value. Actually, teak is not the only one reliable material for furniture. Indonesia is rich in high-quality woods such as gaharu, pine, etc. However, teak seems to be the most desired and popular. Some teak furnishings that are often exported from Indonesia to other countries are gazebo and living room furniture. While another furnishing with different material that is also popular is rattan furniture.

Nowadays, Indonesia furniture industry is expanding. Some countries in Europe have been potential customers of Indonesia furniture for many years. Both modern and traditional furniture, the products are always made in extraordinary look and design.  This is why furniture from Indonesia is getting more popular.  The elegance, prestige, and anything related to the aesthetic are including in each furniture product such as teak root coffee table, rattan chair, carved dining table, and even canopy bed.

When it comes to Indonesia furniture industry, there are a plenty of things to be admired. Whether it is about the design, material, and competitive price, everything is reliable to be the consumer attraction. The innovation and differentiation are developing to dominate the world’s furniture market. There will always be reasons why people, especially those who concern in arts consider Indonesia furnishing for their dwelling, company, and business. Truth is that the furniture trends change all the time. But the uniqueness is timeless and can’t be ignored. Furniture is not only about stuff to furnish and fill a dwell, room, or space but they are parts of the arts that should exist to “touch” human’s sense of beauty.


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